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Bril Organic Pesticide

  • Use as a foliar spray to prevent pest damage to plants
  • Effective against common pests affecting cereals, legumes, vegetables and tubers
  • Rich in micro-nutrients
  • Help plants to perk up and grow stronger and more robust


  • Dilute this solution 1:500 (1.5 tsp per gallon) and spray on plant leaves as needed.
  • Spray on the leaves of plants before 9am or after 5pm

Bril Organic Liquid Fertilizer

  • BRIL is a miracle formula that multiples the harvest of crops. It is easy touse, nontoxic, non-caustic and used for all kinds of crops.
  • BRIL conserves and enables water reach the root and stay there making the plant grown in lesser time and also increases the yield.
  • BRIL is highly economical.
  • BRIL 1 Litre is sufficient for 1 hectare of farm land.

Mode of Application

  1. Mix 1ml of BRIL with 100ml of water by gentle shaking.
  2. Spray directly on plants.
  3. Apply at temperature condition below 280C (morning and evening).
  4. Apply at least once in a month

Bril Organic Granula Fertilizer

  • Suitable for all crops
  • Rich in macro and micro nutrients
  • Corrects damages done to soil by years of inorganic fertilizer usage
  • For best result, use alongside Bril Liquid Organic fertilizer.


  • Can be broadcasted on the field about 2 weeks before planting
  • Can be applied through base application (i.e. 10cm away from base of plant and 30g in
  • 5 ton per hectare (i.e. 50 bags of 50kg per ha)

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